About Ćuprija


The Municipality of Ćuprija is located in the center of the District of Pomoravlje. The area of Ćuprija municipality amounts 287 km². According to the latest official census conducted in 2011, in Cuprija lives 30,645 inhabitants.The territory of the municipality, as determined by law make settlements or areas of cadastral municipalities which includes:
Staro selo
Kovanica Krusar
Ćuprija town
Ćuprija out of town

The municipality of Cuprija has an excellent geo-strategic location. Corridor 10, which connects eastern with western Europe, intersects the territory of the Municipality of Cuprija. The distance from Belgrade is 147km, and from Nis 89km/

Cultural – historical legacy

In the tourist section, Ćuprija offers over – rich spiritual heritage of the midevial Serbia through Ravanica monastery, and in close surrounding of monastery Manasija and Sisojevac, beautiful sides of Homoljske and Kučaj mountains for hunting tourism an avilable attractive Resavska cave, vortexes and streams of Velika Morava and two artificial lakes for fishing.
Significant historical site is Ivankovac, where Serbian army in 1805. won its fight big victory over regular Turkish army in the First Serbian uprising.

Ravanica Monastery

Only 10 km from Ćuprija, at the bottom of Kučajske mountain, there is Ravanica monastery.
Built by king Lazar Hrebeljanović, as his last bequest 1381. It falls into most beautiful architectonic monuments Moravian school. Together with monastery, there is also church ,,Sveto Vaznesenje“, built between 1375 and 1377.
The monastery is fortressed with strong defense wall with seven towers. Soon after perishing in Kosovo, king Lazar was anointed as a saint and his relics in 1392. taken to the monastery.
In Ravanica king Lazars relics stayed until 1690, when monmks fleeing before enemies, escaped to Hungary, carrying relics with them. Only it was in 1989. when his relics were taken back to Ravanica. Other then architecture, Ravanica is reknown as a place where moravian school of serbian painting had started, and out all midevial serbian heritages, this one has been most often sung in the folklore poetry of Vuk Karadžić.


Just a few kilometers from Ćuprija, in 1805, famous battle of Ivankovac took place. That is the most spectacular uprising event, after Orašac and before Mišar.
Battle of Ivankovac marked the end of fight against janizaries and beginning of war between people of Serbia and Turkish empire.