The Municipality of Cuprija will provide the investors who decide to start their business in Cuprija with various incentives.

The local measure of Cuprija Municipality for attracting investors:
The measures can be realized:
• By providing construction land, totally equipped with infrastructure
• By providing alienation of public construction land of the Municipality of Cuprija by the price lower than the current market price or free of charge
• By providing a fixed-term rental agreements and equipping business premises for various purposes
• Provision of funds for procurement of equipment, which includes: machines, tools and other equipment, necessary for capacity extension or production start
• The Municipality is also going to provide incentives for initial investment (tangible and intangible assets) and new jobs related to initial outlay.

The local measure of Cuprija Municipality for competitiveness development:
The measures can be realized through following activities:
• By development of product innovations which can be directly applied
• By development of co-operatives, clusters and other forms of association with the aim of joint appearance in third markets or with dominant buyer
• By obtaining international certificates in order to enable domestic companies to enter on foreign markets.

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